Humans of New York, stories in pictures

What is it about?
Probably some of you will know this blog Humans of New York where a guy named Brandon posts very awesome photo’s of the people of New York! By quoting a part of the conversation, the pictures become little stories. I’m quite impressed! And already for quite some time I am following his blog, and share his updates sometimes on Facebook. And as a part of my summer series in July I decided to feature his blog here!

The secret
The secret of his blog being so populair? I think it’s explained in this quote of Brandon himself, when he tells about one of the biggest compliments someone once gave him: “you photograph the things that other people walk by every single day, but don’t notice, but somehow you photograph them and make them beautiful!” And yes, that is exactly what I like so much about his photo’s, and I think along with me a lot of other people who follow him. So, go check out Humans of New York if you haven’t done so yet. I’m sure you will like Humans of New York also!


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